Welcome to our Smallholding. Meadow Way in Norfolk.



Meadow Way is a four acre smallholding in Norfolk, between the city of Norwich and the coastal town of Cromer. We have been here for just two years and are just sorting out the land which is clay over sand. When we arrived the area was just a muddy field having just had the sugar beet crop lifted. One acre had been set-aside for about two years and was now over grow. Not the best way to start but a challange !!!!
This week 4th. May 2006 the chicken are laying well and a new green house is being built. The old green house is full of seedlings and tomatoe's and the veg. patch is starting to fill up.
The 1959 TVO MF 35 is now in bits, what to do with it ????

Tractors at Meadow Way.
Loading Spring.
Meadow Way this Spring/summer
The signs of Spring are here at last. Time to fill the Veg plot and cut the Hay.
Ferguson TED 20

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